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FJ Capital Management, a McLean, VA-based hedge fund focused on the financial services sector with an emphasis on community/regional banks, is searching for an Economic Analyst.  You will assist the entire FJ Team in its fundamental analysis framework for investing.    
The Economic Analyst will spend a significant amount of time researching and understanding state-level and local MSA’s (Metropolitan Statistical Areas) within the United States.  FJ strongly believes that for community banks in particular, having a deep comprehension of the individual characteristics, demographics, and drivers of each MSA can lead to better investment decisions.  The Economic Analyst will be responsible for creating and maintaining databases, models, and other tools that can assist the Investment Team when making and monitoring investment positions.  The Economic Analyst will keep up-to-date on both state and local geographic developments and trends that can transform economies over time. The Economic Analyst should expect to regularly present to the entire Investment Team and be part of the investment discussion upon portfolio reviews.  Both written and verbal analysis of conclusions and datapoints will be critical to the investment process and a strong candidate should be confident in his/her ability to concisely communicate to the team.  FJ expects the Economic Analyst to be a collaborative and synergistic role with fundamental analysis.
The Economic Analyst will also assist the Head of Macro Research with a variety of regular topics including macro-economic analysis, monetary policy developments, regulatory/fiscal policy research, and other ad-hoc projects.  The Economic Analyst should expect to play an important role in the success of enhancing FJ’s understanding of broader macro-economic and regulatory developments. 
Over time, the Economic Analyst will also present to new and existing investors.  FJ believes that the Economic Analyst can play an important role in marketing the firm and demonstrating how their research and findings is used in partnership with the investment process. 
The Economic Analyst should expect to gain a strong understanding of both the financial services industry and investment management industry while at FJ.  Understanding the space in which FJ invests, but also operates in, will undoubtedly lead to more significant success for the Economic Analyst. 



  1. Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, or mathematics; Master’s degree preferred 

  2. At least 2 years of professional experience in a related field

  3. Previous experience in the financial services industry or investment management industry is highly beneficial

  4. Excellent verbal presentation skills

  5. Demonstrated ability to write clear, concise text

  6. Strong interest in investing; personal or professional experience preferred

  7. Ability to work in a team environment

  8. Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)

  9. Working knowledge of computer programming helpful

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Posted: 1/4/2021


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